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Message from our Managing Director

Dear students and parents,

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The first step to success is planning and making a wise decision, first of all I would like to express my happiness for making your decision to choose NEET / JEE as your career goal. Though the travel journey on this path is thorny, the destination is reached with an achievement of dedication and determination along with the guiding wings of Jupiter academy. We value your dreams and make our cordial efforts to fulfill them. The trust of the parents, the efforts of the students and our earnest commitment have always paved the way in resulted and will result in creating history.

This operation has been a great success cause of the trust of many parents and students, as well as our cordial efforts. A Jupiterian always tends to learn the art of the war; they may fail in the battles of exam but will always succeed in the war of the final exam. We are devoted to establish qualitative and quantitative education.

We struggle to make our students useful citizens as well as successful Doctors or Engineers with Jupiter  academy as every child are precious gifts from God. We guide, direct and build them to be good human beings as doctors or engineers.

Over more than many years many institutes have come and gone in the field of medicine, Jupiter academy have established itself as an enviable record of quality and accomplishment. In matter of seven years since our origin, JEA has built on this proud heritage and at the same time has taken advantage of the opportunity to innovate and bring a unique perspective on our activities towards the development of our students. Our focus is not only studies but also to improve the lifestyle of each student and make them more disciplined and achieving towards their career life goals.

Here, the students are made to sway along with our outstanding faculty who are dedicated to provide a holistic teaching methodology. Together, teachers of JA work never resting to upgrade the materials and techniques for the welfare of the students. We believe that rigorous practice under experienced guidance can spark the forest fire in the heart of students and make them do wonders in their respective fields.

I would like to limit my borders in boasting my speech; I would like to conclude that our futuristic approach develops the quality of farsightedness in the students. Every student here is treated equally and conditioned to same approach as others.

On the bedrock of our core values, we will continue to rise over the next millennium to build a nation of students with education, and I would like to expand the borders of the education with my dear students.

Thanking you,


Managing director

Jupiter Academy

Best NEET Coaching centre chennai

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