NEET 2021 Question Paper with Solutions

The NEET 2021 question papers with solutions can be utilised to check the correct answer options and whether the question-solving approach was correct. The answer keys and solutions of NEET 2021 can also help them calculate their estimated scores. The following points bring the usages of the NEET 2021 question paper with solutions:

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How to Utilise NEET 2021 Question Paper with Solutions

  • Candidates can tally the set-wise NEET question paper with solutions to check how many questions they have answered correctly

  • They can calculate their scores by following the marking scheme of adding four marks for each correct answer and deducting one mark for each wrong answer

  • With the help of the solutions, they can be sure about the question-solving methods and whether the NEET 2021 answer keys are actually correct or not

  • Based on the above point, candidates can decide to submit challenges to the official NEET 2021 answer keys when it would be released by NTA.

NEET 2021 was held in 202 cities across India and abroad from 2 pm to 5 pm. Approximately 15 lakh candidates have appeared for the test which was conducted in paper-pencil based mode from 2 pm to 5 pm. The exam was conducted in 13 languages.

Why Practice with NEET 2021 Paper?

  • Analyze Exam Pattern & Difficulty: Gain insights into the question format, weightage given to different topics, and the overall difficulty level of the NEET 2021 exam.
  • Self-Assessment & Focused Revision: Identify your strengths and weaknesses across Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Target your revision effectively based on the areas that require more attention.
  • Time Management Skills: Practice under timed conditions to develop efficient strategies for completing the NEET exam within the allotted time.
  • Confidence Boost: Successfully tackling past NEET papers builds exam-taking confidence and a sense of preparedness.

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  • Convenience & Accessibility: Download the complete NEET 2021 Question Paper with Solutions in a user-friendly PDF format for offline study and revision anytime, anywhere.

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NEET Previous Year Question Papers Marks Distribution

neet 2024 marking scheme

Key Points:

  • NEET is a total of 720 marks (180 marks each for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology).
  • Each subject is divided into two sections: Section A and Section B.
  • Section A consists of 35 questions, and Section B consists of 15 questions (all with multiple-choice options).
  • You are only required to attempt 180 questions (35 from each subject).
  • Unanswered questions or incorrect answers will not affect your score.


  • While the overall marks distribution remains the same, the weightage given to specific topics within each subject might vary slightly year-to-year.
  • Refer to previous year question papers and analysis from reliable sources to understand the recent trends and question types tested in NEET.

Focus on practicing with a variety of past year papers to get a comprehensive understanding of the exam format, marking scheme, and the level of difficulty.