NEET 2021 Best books for NEET 2021

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NEET 2021 Best books for NEET 2021 : National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) can be cleared easily if the learner does a little bit of smart work along with their hard work. The student will find the exam easy, only when he/she has referred to a relevant book that gives sufficient information.

Reading books that contain too many information causes the student to forget the most important concepts and too less information will not let the student correlate with the other concepts and apply them to the problem.

NEET 2021 Best books for NEET 2021

NCERT textbook should be a top preference for all the subjects. Every line in this reader should be read completely and understood to ace the exam.

As said earlier, Jupiter Academy will always try to make your work simpler so that you provide all your efforts in just learning.


  • NCERT textbook (MUST)

  • Trueman’s objective biology for NEET

  • Objective NCERT at your fingertips (MTG)

The easier you feel about biology, the more volatile it gets. This subject feels favourable for you only if it’s constantly scanned frequently rather than reading the concepts once. It’s highly recommended that the student work on at least a few multiple choice question every day apart from learning.


  1. Inorganic chemistry

  2. Organic chemistry

  3. Physical chemistry

 1)Inorganic chemistry :

  • NCERT chemistry ( a must and sufficient)

  • Inorganic chemistry (op Tandon)

You need to solve a few questions each day and keep understanding those questions, the next day. A thorough understanding of all the reactions are crucial.

DO NOT OMIT P-BLOCK:- Most students tend to eliminate P-block not knowing how easy it is to master it. It might look, vast yet it can be grasped easily if split into smaller chapters.

2)organic chemistry:-


  • Organic Chemistry by Morrison and Boyd

  • MTG’S objective questions and solution(fingertips)

Writing all the reactions in your notebook rather than just reading it from your textbook will give you more idea about how the reaction works and makes you feel more familiar.  The mechanisms have to be understood clearly to know what product is formed. The most important reactions in all the chapters (referring to the previous papers) should be recalled frequently as there is an increased chance of at least one of them appearing in the examination.

 3)physical chemistry:-

  • NCERT (not enough)

  • Arihant or MTG book

  • Physical Chemistry by Op Tandon

Basic maths is necessary to solve the problems here and the only thing that can be done is to practice and keep practicing. Understanding the concepts and applying them to the problem is important. Solve exercises, exemplars and examples from the NCERT reader.



  • C Verma’s concept of physics

  • Physics by D.C Pandey

This subject is a game-changer. You can go from an average scorer to a topper if you can grasp all the concepts here.  If you find that the subject is too difficult for you, the only thing you can do is list out the few chapters that you feel comfortable in and work on it every day. Keep practising every day .